Production goal reached! Help us to the finish line!

Thanks to all our supporters who have contributed to the production of the film, we have made our Production goal, and so are now heading into our first cut!

There is still a fair distance left to run in post production, both assembling the film (over 100 hours of raw footage!), sweetening the video / audio and making sure we have our licensing sorted out, which is why we still have to reach our overall campaign target.

The supporters who tipped us over the production target and into our overall campaign goal included Chris Morrison, Christiaan Gustav Karreman, Kathie Brown and Jari Kotola. A very special mention to Anne Hazelbaker and her 13 year old son Nick Hazelbaker.

Nick Hazelbaker meets Keith Emerson backstage at the SkyPAC in Kentucky 2013.
Nick Hazelbaker meets Keith Emerson backstage at the SkyPAC in Kentucky 2013.

Nick met Keith at the recent Kentucky performance, and it was a dream come true for the gifted young keyboard player.

Keep up the great work Nick, and click this link if you want to find out more about him

Orchestra Kentucky performance a resounding success

Thanks to all our supporters that has enabled us to capture Keith Emerson's conducting debut of his own piece "Glorietta", as well as other Keith Emerson related pieces throughout the evening.

Thank you to our crew, Hans Looman on Sound, Scott Mumford SOC on Camera - who joined us on this final piece of the puzzle!

Thank you to all the musicians from Orchestra Kentucky, musical director Jeffrey Reed, and everyone at the SkyPAC in Kentucky, that helped us in capturing such a fantastic performance. Now we have enough footage to tell a story!

More pictures are going to be posted up on Facebook and more exclusive material will be made available on the Backstage Pass!

"Jeff, I just got home from tonight's performance and have been RAVING to Vicki about it (she is under the weather and couldn't go) for 30 minutes. It was absolutely FABULOUS! From the moving, opening of the Star Bangled Banner to Jeffrey Biegels rousing performance of Keith Emersons Concerto and EVERYTHING in between I was blown away. Outstanding job, Maestro. Absolutely outstanding. I have never been more excited and proud to be associated with this organization!"