UK Interviews : Week Two*

Strictly speaking, I should call this post European Interviews : Week Two, as on the Sunday of the first week, I hopped onto a cheap flight to Copenhagen to catch an interview with Keith's ex-wife Elinor Emerson. After interviewing their son's Damon and Aaron back in 2007, I felt it was important to get her into the documentary, so after saving some funds on Transportation (with the Honda $60 special), I managed to jet into Copenhagen Sunday morning and meet Elinor in the centre, not far from the famous Tivoli gardens in the city centre. Elinor was very gracious and told some great stories for the camera.

Getting used to the foreign currency, I managed to contrive to spend more on my dinner than on my accommodation (I stayed at a International Hostel not too far from the train station -- great deal!). Sadly the weather was overcast, so all I can say about my first visit to Copenhagen is... I'd love to go there!  I was on the plane back to the UK by 6am the next morning... and my lasting impression (at least of the airport) is the Danish really don't want people to sit down!

Upon my arrival at Gatwick, I met up again with the rest of the crew and we were heading back into London for an interview with Darius Brubeck (son of the legendary Dave Brubeck). After this interview we were able to follow up with former Gary Farr and the T-bones drummer Brian Walkley, who signed our T-bones picture for us and added some audio to his earlier 2007 interview, as well as catch up with Cristian Van Schuerbeck, who we interviewed in 2010.

The next official interview, again in London, was with Keith's good friend and former road manager, Andrew Lane.

Wednesday took us due west to the English riviera, to talk with another of Keith's friends and colleagues, British comedian  Jim Davidson. Sure enough, it rained the whole time we were there... but thanks to the Grand Hotel in Torquay, who made us feel welcome as we got some hilarious stories and insights from the man and his dealings with E, L and P. Finally we managed to follow the storm cloud back into East Sussex, and caught up once more with Winston Weatherall, who signed the T-bones picture. So now we have the surviving members of Gary Farr and the T-bones that have signed the image. There has been much discussion over who took the photo. The common belief is it was done by KE himself... on a timer! We are looking to put this up on Ebay soon to raise some funds for the film.

image- cropped

Thursday was our last full day in England, and it took us and the trusty Honda north of London this time, into the beautiful surrounding countryside. We were going to the Home of Keith's current agents QEDG management to chat with Martin Darvill about the more recent happenings not covered in the book (such as the 40th anniversary reunion). Representing an impressive roster of musicians, we also took the opportunity to interview Keith Emerson Band (UK) guitarist Dave Kilminster and lead singer of Wishbone Ash, Martin Turner. We were so lucky to get those interviews, as Dave had just come back from Europe and was on his way to tour with Roger Waters again. It struck me during his interview how crazy touring is... I feel like I've had a sample of it with the crazy (financially stringent) schedule I myself was having shooting this documentary! Martin Turner managed to answer some questions about what happened when Wishbone Ash supported ELP one year (by playing last!).

Then it was back on the plane again back home after a very successful and fruitful trip.

Ah, I almost forgot... we got a phone call from a certain drummer just as we got on the plane... more on that later!

Stay tuned!