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Youtube Gallery of Emerson treasures.

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15 thoughts on “Treasures”

    1. Yup, we’ve got an interview with Tony in the can thanks to the efforts of our camera operator friend Ted Dillenkofer. We are doing all we can to get this film together! 🙂

  1. Having run four marathons myself, there is absolutely no way you can stop when the finish line is in sight.

    My heart goes out to my most romantic city of Boston and those that have endured so much loss, while it goes out to the America I Love. All will cross the finish line eventually.

    – Keith Emerson

  2. Congrats on all the hard work, I know how much time and effort you guys have put into this 🙂

  3. Where can I find out more information about the Lifetime Achievement Award to be presented to Keith in Louisville in September? Will the public be able to purchase tickets to this event?


  4. Keith will be in Bowling Green Kentucky and needless to say you may not find anything about the Lifetime Achievement Award Previously presented to Neil Sedaka in 2012.
    Come and See the Show: Music that inspired Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    Monday, September 16, 2013
    7:30 p.m.
    VIP Series sponsored by the Haskins Foundation
    The ‘70s rock band Emerson, Lake and Palmer put their unique spin on classical music. Orchestra Kentucky presents the original classical versions of the pieces recorded by the group, including the finale to Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 and Ravel’s orchestration of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. Pianist Jeffrey Biegel returns to the SKyPAC stage for the Kentucky premiere of Keith Emerson’s piano concerto. The orchestra will also present the world premiere of Emerson’s Glorietta, with the composer conducting.

  5. Jezzz…. the video cutting room floor must had been insane! It still amazes me what the hell they were thinking back in the day. Were they on LSD, or did they expect those watching would be tripping? A good example is the hack-job the editors did to the 1970 ELP performance of “Pictures at an Exhibition” at the Lyceum & ruining it with cartoon images of Capt. Marvel on top of the film? The sad part is that the unedited portion, which had documented that great moment in history, was perhaps laid to waist in some landfill. All I can say is that’s unforgivable, because their performance was that good. In fact, I would give anything to watch it & I continue to kept my fingers crossed hoping that the lost ‘unedited’ version would someday be unearthed.

      1. Thank you Jason for your reply. It was a real shock learning the sad news today & it’s just plain awful coming to grips with the fact! To think, Keith accomplished so much during his life & finally received the recognition he so deserved from the vast classical community. My brother’s legacy was much the same , although he was far from being a musician. Yet he touched the lives of so many. He too sadly suffered the same consequences the day after Valentines Day, & I still find myself trying to understand the reasoning for such an abrupt departure. As strange it may sound, I also continue to wish he would at least try & reach out to someone during that crucial moment in time. One thing I did find comforting was hearing the song “Lucky Man”, playing over the radio while driving home from my brother’s house. A song I’ve heard over a million times. Only this time it was different. As I reflected, I said to myself, Radar Roy was truly a “Lucky Man” in life. In some ways, just that thought alone helped me feel better. So with that being said, my sincere condolences to Keith’s family & hope they can find strength during this frustrating moment, just as we all are.

      1. Hi, Jason,
        Yes, it is the Lyceum (Dec 9th 1970). That comes most probably from the Japanese Laserdisc Version that runs about 90 minutes (Vap Video ‎– VPLR 70116). It has, besides “Pictures”, The Barbarian, Take a Pebble , Knife Edge and Rondo (this one uncredited on back cover). Take a Pebble includes “Ballad of Blue”, “High Level Fugue” from Five Bridges, a hint of “Eruption” from Tarkus, and “Tank”. Funny is that some parts seem to come directly from video, others seem to be video converted to print and then transferred to (home) video. So you don’t get rid of those psychedelic effects!
        The performance of “The Barbarian” from the Lyceum was never released on DVD. Even the Special Edition DVD does not have it (maybe because Bartok’s Allegro Barbaro is not public domain yet?). I believe the only time it was made available was on this Laserdisc.
        If I may digress a bit, talking about the rare performance of “The Barbarian” in the Lyceum makes me remember that no one seems to find the full video of ELP’s Cal Jam Show… Deep Purple found their complete show around 2000s and released in DVD. It’s a pity, as many say (and I would agree) that such show is ELP’s Holy Grail show, with a full performance of Karn Evil 9 in video, plus Tocatta, plus Jerusalem. All that still waiting to be discovered!

  6. My friend Keith Emerson
    The Man, The Music, The Memories
    The Dad, Grandad, Friend
    The fun and laughter
    The MUSIC,
    These memories will never end.
    To know him is to love him
    So kind, so humble
    Such a wonderful
    Talented man.
    Your Music will keep you
    With us all,
    Forever in our souls.
    The silence of the floating clouds
    The sun ray’s that shine down
    The whispers of the falling leaves
    As winter comes around.
    The gentle snowflakes
    Gently form a carpet of white
    A sound of a lonely owl
    That gently hoots in the night.
    The birds that sing in the morning
    Letting us know,
    A new day is dawning.
    As we all go through our day
    We hear your music
    In the breeze, in the trees,
    Music can be heard
    It comes from all the animals
    The Butterflies, the Birds
    The gentle notes pounding
    From all around sounding
    Carry through the Grey/Blue sky
    Over the hills and mountains
    Rivers and Lakes
    The Great Eagle passes by.
    Your Music, You Forever
    Each droplet of rain,
    Until we Meet again.
    Liz Woodford

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