ProgRockDoc Filmmaker and producer Jason and David Woodford


The site is undergoing some updates as we configure to a new fundraising campaign and finish the film.

On the main page to the website you'll see our updated funding counter, which shows the support we've had from our online community.

We are off the $$$ needed for finishing the film, and so I call out to all our supporters and friends to share the website and help us across the finish line and acquire distribution. We have letters of intent from distributors, so we need to finish the first cut!

The plan is still for me to do a first cut by October of this year if we are able to meet our targets.

I'm headed into the UK in July, and hope to be able capture Keith taking a bow at the Barbican. This could possibly be the last performance that we cover for the film to bring everything up to date.

We wouldn't be able to do this without your help, and thank you so much to all the supporters who have been with us this far.

More post's to come in the coming months!


Pictures of an Exhibitionist