Our Bond (Preview) – Robert Berry’s Tribute to Keith Emerson

Thank you Robert Berry (3) for this tribute to Keith and your generous support of our documentary on Keith's life-story.

Check out what Robert was working on with Keith by following the links below -

From Robert Berry:
Go to: http://www.robertberry.com

To:The Emerson Army #5
Friends, family, fans. Today I launch the campaign to finish the documentary on Keith's life. It is important work and we must get this done. Please go to my website at www.robertberry.com
100% of the funds gathered from your donations by purchasing the song will go to the documentary. In the lyric I have tried to express what we are all feeling. Let's finish this for Keith together. The Emerson Army!

Keith and I had many discussions on what was to be our new album starting in May. One of which was to have more "On My Way Home" and "Desde La Vida" type material. I hope you hear that I did my best to honor those wishes. I would love to know if you hear each quote from past songs in the arrangement. I also hope you enjoy the companion video piece. I felt it was the best way to orchestrate the song and the true meaning of our love for Keith.